Video and Television Fraud Management

With the rise in popularity and prevalence of video and television piracy, network operators who license or produce video content stand to lose enormous amounts of revenue; in North America alone, Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight report revealed that a significant portion of households are accessing known subscription television piracy services, with a potential revenue impact of billions of dollars per year.

The risk to network operators is enormous: continued adoption of unlicensed video and TV streaming services could lead to increased cord-cutting and even create a generation of ‘cord-nevers’, significantly impacting top-line revenue and overall profitability, and – by extension – undermining the very business models that keep networks operating.

For network operators to make informed decisions about business strategy, it’s important to investigate and to quantify video and television piracy.

Watch this webinar to learn about how Sandvine's Video and Television Fraud Management solution can help operators monitor the threat of video and television piracy, support law enforcement and regulatory efforts aimed at preventing the proliferation of these services, incorporate insight into churn prediction models, and help to educate other stakeholders.